The Pure Heart behind Purely Northland

Meet Nicola, the face of Purely Northland

To create a business that is based on a service of gifting & kindness, it must mean the person behind it has some kind of pure, generous heart. 

Meet Nicola – your savvy, boutique gift-guide guru. With a passion for the delights that our Northland entrepreneurs have to offer, she saw no better option than to share them with the rest of our community and beyond. 

Already mum of two, a busy florist and an adoring wife – what’s another small business designed to promote the offerings of our local community on top of that? Her favourite part of doing what she does is having a part in the special moments in the lives of others. Whether it be weddings, anniversaries, birthday’s or even someone’s final goodbye. 

If you’ve already had a read through our website, you’ll also know that Nic first started her career as a professional chef (on super yachts might we add), and thus, her taste buds and skill for finding quality, artisan products are magnifique *chef’s kiss*.  As it is the case for most of us, residing in Northland is like living in paradise, even without all of the wonders created by local, small businesses. With them, makes it a dream come true.

Nic has shared the passion for ‘supporting small’ even before her own business ventures began, however, after the nationwide lockdown sparked a call to support local, she wanted to do her part in showcasing the finest of Northland on a silver platter, or rather, in a crisp white box for gifting. 

After trialling and testing (and testing again in some cases because they’re just that good), Nic has created a collection of some of the finest goods and gifts produced in Northland. Asking her to pick her favourite products? Well that’s like asking her to pick a favourite child! However, she can share with you some of what she’s using at the moment and loving!

Doubtless Bay Botanicals Coconut and Lime Soy Candle ($34.95) – “This product holds a special place in my heart and in my kitchen.. it comes in an elegant frosted glass jar and has the most beautiful subtle scent of lime and the perfect amount of coconut. I love the aroma it brings and I often burn this when preparing evening meals.”

Kai Ora Caramelised Manuka Balsamic Sauce ($12) – “Saying this is ‘good’ is an understatement, it lives in my fridge with an extra back-up bottle for when it runs out. Seriously delicious combination of manuka and balsamic with a little zing in the after-taste. I add it to my salads, roast vegetables and it is yummy as a dipping sauce for breads on a grazing table!” 

Kraka Cashew Brittle ($5.50) – “Do I really need to explain how good it is? Can’t you just imagine the crunchy, creamy, buttery & slightly salty taste in your mouth? It is seriously irrestible, packets often go missing in our house! I tend to keep this one on the highest shelf in the pantry for my evening ‘me time’ when the kids are in bed and the husband in the shed. Kay and Ian really know their confectionary and have totally nailed this one.” 

Bennetts Hot Chocolate Stirrers ($8.50) – “Mmmm mm mmmm, the definition of a luxurious hot chocolate. Absolutely ideal for a cosy night by the fire in Winter. If you want to be extra fancy, add some marshmallows and whipped cream of course.”  

Think you have discovered something you love the sound of from what Nic has shared? Have a browse & Shop our Gift Boxes or have a go at Designing Your Own Gift Box!

Still looking for something a little extra? Don’t forget that Nicola is a talented florist too over at Fresh Flowers Kaitaia – pair your gift with a floral bouquet or arrangement! 


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