Picking the perfect gift...

based on a personality trait

Ah, gift giving. We love to give them and love to receive them, right? But with all gifting of goods comes the semi-torturous process of trying to figure out what exactly one may want. On the other side of that – we’ve all been that person that has at least once before received a gift and said “Oh..thanks?”.

There always seems to be a lingering stress when it comes to gift giving, and no matter how well you know someone it can still be difficult to get them something you know they’ll enjoy. One way to alleviate that stress is to gift them something that aligns with their personality and day-to-day behaviours.

Here at Purely Northland, we believe in the art of quality gifting and how to get the perfect gift for someone juuust right.

We’ve done some research for you on how to easily match traits of your lucky gift receiver with the perfect Purely Northland gift box!

For the one that’s a logic-based thinker & enjoys practical gifts: 

Design your own! This is the person in your life who doesn’t normally like to have things that will just sit on a shelf, so you ultimately want to create a personalised gift box with practicable items that they may get day-to-day benefit from. Try mixing it up a little and including the following products in your ‘Design Your Own’ Purely Northland gift box: 

Native Bookmark - $20.00

Kawakawa Tea Towel - $29.00

Kerikeri Tea, Ginger & Honey - $10.00

Dark Chocolate Macadamias - $11.00

For the one who is artsy, colourful & enjoys gifts that uplift the soul: 

This is an easy suggestion – the Simply Northland Gift Box ($59). This Gift Box is designed for those who enjoy taking time out to calm the body and refresh the mind. They know the importance of self-care and have no trouble indulging in it. The Simply Northland Gift Box contains the following: 

The Chocolate Barn – Chocolate Coated Macadamia Nuts

Nudi Point Lavender Bar

Anoint Skincare Pink Clay Facial Mask 

Tai Tokerau Manuka Honey Fudge

Bennetts of Mangawhai Milk Chocolate Bar

For the one who is generous, selfless & enjoys gifts that are sentimental:

We all have that one friend that comes to mind who does everything for everyone else without complaint. This person often needs to be told to take a break and encouraged to not feel guilty for taking a few minutes to breathe. For them, we would always recommend the Northland Wellness Gift Box ($79). This means they’ll have no excuse but to stop and unwind (maybe organise a babysitter with this one too!). The Northland Wellness Gift Box includes: 

Anoint Skincare Botanic Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Kerikeri Tea Caddy – Feijoa

Nuts in the Hokianga – Roasted and Salted Organic Macadamia Nuts

Nga Pi kanuka Honey Sachets

Nudi Point Lip Balm – Spearmint

For the one who is always organised, typically a bit of a workaholic and enjoys high-quality, boutique gifts: 

Every day is a hustle for this person. They are the ‘if it’s not done properly, I’ll do it myself’ type, so there’s no time to waste when it comes to gifting to this person. Quality is key, they work hard to enjoy the finer things in life. You know that they’ll be spending their Friday nights watching the sunset with a glass of fine wine in their hand. Combine that with the ideal platter set up – the Northland Bounty Gift Box ($149):

Handcrafted Cheese Board

Jac’s Kitchen Five Seed Cracker Mix

Nuts in the Hokianga – Roasted and Salted Organic Macadamia Nuts

Nga Pi Towai Honey 

Taipa Salt Pig Sea Salt

Tamco Tamarillo Relish

Bennetts of Mangawhai - Black Doris Plum & Caramelised Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar

Kraka Cashew Nut Brittle

Hihi Estate Kaffir Lime Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the one that is lighthearted, easy-going & enjoys feel-good gifts:

Design your own gift box! We all have a friend who is known for making light of any situation or has a ‘shrug it off’ approach to life, yet is always on a high-energy vibe. Your goal with gifting to this individual will be ensuring they are receiving something that requires minimal effort and doesn’t fail to put a smile on their face. As much as we believe all the products we stock will make anyone smile, we have a few suggestions that will help with that feel-good moment: 

Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans - $11.00

Kraka Cashew Brittle - $5.50

Hana Botanicals Awaken Kanuka Face Serum - $35.00

Salt & Oil Bath Soak Bottle - $16.00

Hopefully this mini guide got you one step closer to finding the perfect gift, but if you’re still not sure or want to know a little bit more information about one of our products – we’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget, we’ve had the pleasure of trialling and testing each and every one of the products we stock, so we can help you find something that ticks all the boxes! 


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