The Positive Effects of Corporate Gifting on your Business

Corporate gifting is one of the more exciting elements of managing relationships in the business world.
However, just as it can be when gifting to a loved one, it can be difficult to know exactly what an appropriate gift is and whether it’s even worth going through the hassle. Here’s the deal: Corporate gifting, whether it be to your employees, investors, customers, suppliers or other stakeholders, can have several positive impacts on the status and reputation of your business. Here’s the top five ways corporate gifting can benefit your business’ reputation:

1. Strengthened relationships

This is a given, sure, but the true value of it often goes unrecognised. Gifting your stakeholders with something tangible initiates an element of ‘personal touch’ within the relationship, showing them you genuinely
appreciate their time and investment.

2. Boosting of sales

You give and you shall receive, right? Gifting keeps you on the mind of your stakeholder, so when deciding to make a purchase within your area of expertise, there’s a higher chance that purchase will be made from your business. Combine your corporate gift with a mini-freebie product or service from your business or a branded pen or notepad and you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression!

3. Ethically responsible image
With ‘supporting small/local’ being the main agenda since the nationwide lockdown, purchasing corporate gifts from small business will assist in your business being viewed as one that injects investment back into the local economy rather than mass-produced products from overseas. Purely Northland creates gift boxes that contain an assortment of locally-made goods – what better way to spoil your stakeholders than with a taste of some of what Northland entrepreneurs have to offer!

4. Set your brand apart

Whilst it isn’t always a financially viable option for all businesses, not all of those that can afford it, do it. Making a personal connection with your stakeholders will keep you front of mind and potentially set you apart from your competitors, with new businesses popping up daily in our fast-paced world. It shows you are willing
to make the effort to connect with them. Once you have that competitive advantage, making more connections within the business arena will only get easier.

5. Positive work culture
When it comes to gifting to your employees in particular, this can have a positive impact on your work culture.
This can then have a flow-on effect onto their productivity and what they say about their workplace outside of
work hours. Increased positive business reputation? Yes, yes & yes.

Taking these benefits into account still doesn’t make it any easier to figure out what and when to gift to your stakeholders, but we can help you out there too.

Gifting to your stakeholders must be done in a timely fashion. There are several typical occasions when this is done:

 Anniversary/birthday of your business
 Christmas/New Year
 Launching a new product or service
 Personal “thank you” (particularly for smaller businesses)

Some companies use corporate gifting as a strategy to retain customers, but this can become costly. So we recommend it’s best to stick to 1 or 2 important occasions per year. Here’s the best part – what can you gift your stakeholders?

Well, have we got some options for you! We’ve selected our top three gift boxes that we would recommend gifting to your stakeholders, filled with goodies made by small businesses right here in Northland, New Zealand!

1. Naturally Northern Gift Box - $79.00

This gift box is a curation of delicious and practical products, including a handmade Beeswax wrap for keeping
your snacks fresh! A perfect option for businesses with a lower gifting/promotion budget.

2. Northland Nectar Gift Box - $129.00
This gift box is perfectly set up for a grazing platter, ideal around Christmas time when unexpected visitors are
always popping in! This option caters to a medium budget for corporate gifting.

3. Cape to Cove Gift Box - $235.00
This is the most luxe of all our gift boxes, perfect for showing your most important stakeholders how much they really mean to you! It includes a range of delicious treats as well as two handmade, unique ceramic mugs – perfect for business meetings or friendly catch-ups!

We understand the importance of making things special to your stakeholders, so we offer the option for you to design your own gift box from a range of over 40+ handcrafted, boutique products made in the heart of Northland. If you’re ever not quite sure, reach out! Nic is a guru for all things gifting and can help you pick the
perfect present.


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